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Modular Kitchen Design

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Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon

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Modular Kitchen Design

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Modular Kitchen Design in Dwarka

Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon

What exactly is a modular kitchen?

Modular kitchen design is a simple term used for today’s modern-day layout of kitchen furniture which is specially customised in such a way to use the available space as an organised space. As the word itself says Modular means a set of cabinets in separate modules with different types of accessories in these cabinet placed altogether to make a complete kitchen design.

Basic structure of a design consist of three types of modular such as

Base Cabinets – The carcasses placed on floor are generally called as base cabinets and work as a foundation of a modular kitchen worktop which is comes in different type materials like granite, acrylic, quartz, composite or marble.

Wall Cabinets – Cabinet with a depth of 300mm fastened on the wall for accessories like dishrack, liftup and other type storage are called as wall cabinets.

Tall Units – These units are placed in a manner where a microwave, oven can be fit in these cabinets. Tall units also comes with some of the accessories like Pantry, Larder, Crockery Unit.

A designer generally creates any kitchen based on the dimension by placing these units together to form a complete Modular Kitchen Design. Its not that much difficult for a customer to select the units as per their requirement. We are designing modular kitchen and produced state-of-the-art customized kitchen  lavish finishes, versatile product range, and material quality, we have a in-house manufacturing unit with finest collection for betterment of your home interior design. We make every effort to stay ahead of new development in the field of kitchen design, which is the only reason our expert designers keep developing the new design and ideas to fulfil your requirement. This initial working allows us to source the latest quality and material, so that we can deliver the product and meet your expectations. We have completed many Modular Kitchen in Dwarka, for further details visit our portfolio for Kitchen Design

How we’re Different from our competitors

We don’t just follow the current trends; we actually set them and customised them as per our customer demand. At Interior Wizards, we believe that a good design doesn’t come at all by following the current trend, but our creative team of designers are continuously keep finding new ways to elevate your requirement, exactly the same way your unique requirement is.

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Modular Kitchen Designer in Dwarka – Gurgaon

Well, if you have reached here, you must be in search of a simple, good looking, functional design and cost-effective solution for your modular kitchen design to set up at your home. One should opt in for Modular! Modular Kitchens come up with good looks, more functional, better and enhanced storage and bring better style to your home or apartments in Delhi – NCR and here at Interior Wizards we help and guide you to get a designer kitchen for your place.

We have many options available for shades, hardware, accessories, worktop with different type of layouts. We have a team of Interior Designers to design Modular Kitchen in Dwakra and Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon free of cost, and also provide details of module to enhance the space in your kitchen. Our designers come up with a 3D design which will be very much realistic so customer can easily understand the idea, concept and theme for their kitchen.