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Wooden Flooring

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For best laminate flooring, if you are based in delhi and looking for wooden flooring in delhi or based in gurgaon and looking for wooden flooring in gurgaon, you can call us for wooden flooring price in delhi or for wood flooring cost, engineered hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring, wood flooring, hardwood flooring or laminate flooring. We at Interior Wizards deals in all well known brands like pergo flooring, pergo laminate, action tessa, armstrong, Green Floormax are some of the brands we deal in. Contact us for more information and understand the types of flooring with wood flooring cost. Be it your office or home, we can suggest and help you with the range and quality of floor you can easily choose from.

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Wooden Flooring

Laminate Wooden Flooring

What is it?
Laminate Wooden Flooring is a compressed fibreboard plank on which a photograph of either wood, tile or stone is laminated with protective layer.

Where to place them?
Generally these planks are for living rooms, study, bedroom and entertainment rooms. Some of the product comes with waterproof layer which can be placed in kitchen and bathroom. Before buying customer should confirm the quality and waterproofing before getting them installed.


  • Laminated Flooring is cheap and hard wearing in comparison with other products.
  • Easy to install due to click-lock design.
  • Big range of imitation of material like wood, stone & tiles are available


  • The best available finished laminate flooring won’t give a feel of natural or real thing.
  • Over a period of time, the joints of these tiles wear out. Once the surface got damaged it’s really hard to fix them back into shape.
  • Due to moisture they get easily swollen if product is not waterproof.

Engineered Wooden Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring

What is it?

Engineered wooden flooring is basically a bunch of two – three layer of plywood, plyboard pasted together in such a way to create a plank of 14mm thick. This plank is covered with a real veneer of 4mm, which can be restore at any point of time with the help of sanding if the surface becomes scuffed, damaged or worn out by the time.

Where to place them?

Engineered Wooden Flooring can be placed anywhere as it won’t be to humid atmosphere and direct water. It is bit difficult, time-consuming and create lots of noise to place engineered wooden flooring over stairs. Even some of the places like toilet pans and pedestals this stuff is really hard to get a good finish product.


  • The process of making engineered wooden flooring makes them more stable in comparison with solid wood wooden flooring.
  • This flowing is in actual less prone to change because of room temperature.
  • This is more durable, attractive and cheap in price than hard wood flooring.


  • Almost no cons for this flooring, however, tongue-and-groove makes them hard while installation than click-lock process of laminated wooden flooring.
  • No doubt they are lot of more high in price than laminate.

Solid Wood Flooring

What is it?

As the name itself suggest this flooring is totally a pure form of wood comes in thickness of 18mm-20mm. The installation process is also same like engineered wood flooring which is tongue-groove. This flooring comes with a score of hardness by which one can understand the damage or dent by everyday wear and tear.

Solid wood flooring can be easily restore again by sanding and polishing back to get the original finish.


Where to Place them?

You can place them at any place, specially living area, hallways where one can show off the finish and quality of wooden flooring.


  • Best quality product, best finish and fabulous looks but only if installed properly.
  • One of the appealing point in your home if you ever decide to sell your property.


  • Hard wood flooring swells in Moist conditions and shrinks if the atmosphere is dry.
  • Price wise this is the costliest one in all.
  • Again the installation is too tough because it has to be properly nailed down and glues.
  • Installation of individual board is way much difficult and time consuming because of the shape gets generally change once they’ve been made.

Solidwood Hardwood Wooden Flooring