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Three step process in which a designer can ensure quality and proper communication for timely delivery of your complete Bathroom Design Renovation Work.



First step to start any Bathroom design and renovation work is, where a professional bathroom designer will visit your place and work with customer to understand their requirement in the bathroom space. In this step, our designer will do following tasks :

a) Bathroom Dimensions: Designer will visit the site and take the dimensions to design a layout for bathroom design. As per the available space, designer will develop a complete 3D design for complete bathroom renovation.

b) Design Mockups: A design presentation will be created of the bathroom, with a placement of cabinets, flooring, wall tiles, glass partition, shower panels and other water appliances for the new bathroom. We will work with you to be on a same page where we can discuss each and every element and our designer will guide you to the positive and negative points of each element we are going to use in terms of quality and pricing. So you can play an equal role in making of your designer bathroom.

c) Pricing: Being a direct manufacturer of cabinets and with an in-house team of designers and civil team, Interior Wizards can provide you best and competitive price which will certainly fall in your desired budget.

d) Aesthetics: That’s our duty to come up with a customized theme for all the elements in bathroom such as shower – tubs, lights, flooring, wall tiles, backslashes, cabinet design, sink worktop etc.

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Material Selection

At Interior Wizards we put more time in sourcing the material, so there will be no compromise with quality, durability and finish of Bathroom Material. Our Bathroom designers work out with you and discuss details of each and every element we are going to install to achieve best possible solution within your budget without compromising the quality and finish of the products for the bathroom to complete the job.

a) Cabinet Work: We have our own manufacturing unit of Cabinets for Bathroom Design in Dwarka, also we can provide any type of bathroom cabinet other than customized bathroom cabinets. We can source and provide you imported and domestic cabinets as well.

b) Tile: To meet your expectation, we can provide a wide range of wall tiles to achieve aesthetics by installing various type of tile material such as wood, ceramic, glass, porcelain, stone and more.

c) Plumbing: Most important and very critical part in over all designing of bathroom space. We have experienced team of plumbers to install modern fixtures like shower panels, best tubs, over the counter sink, steam bath, partitions etc. Plumber plays an important role in overall installation of bathroom amenities, because a small leakage in any fixture can cause big trouble and make things worse.

d) Water Technology: Our designers can work out and guide you best possible solution for faucets and shower technology, and will help you to select best suitable material according to your need and budget.

e) Lighting: Our electrician will guide you to select the solution for lightning, so that there will be no area left dark in modern bathroom.

f) Vanities: Vanity is one of the most important and required element in your bathroom, as this is the main storage and aesthetically enhance the overall look of your space. We can source all type of vanities like customized, domestic or imported vanities.

In addition to above explained elements we also provide solutions for luxury items for bathroom such as steam shower, jets, whirlpools, saunas, spas and other modern and advanced electronic items for bathroom.


Renovation & Installation

Our team of Bathroom Designer in Gurgaon and Dwarka, Delhi are professional enough and passionate about their craftsmanship to deliver any project with perfection. We as a team of Luxury Bathroom Designer work tirelessly to complete the installation process to achieve the selection made by customer on time with quality and finish.

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For a future full of better morning!

Is your bathroom a bit hectic in the morning? We want to help you and your family enjoy a great start to the day. That’s why we have all the smart products and ideas you need to design and renovate even a small bathroom, just the way you want it.

And if you need a hand to make it happen, we have a team of expert designers to help you with.

Bathrooms are tough places for furniture and fixtures. So we build our products with the quality to last. Thanks to the care we take with quality. But it doesn’t stop there, we want to be better everyday in every aspect of our customer experience and the way we do business.

What makes us better? Well we ask that every day and the facts are proof in our commitment to our customers and tradesmen.

At Interior Wizards we do understand that buying a bathroom is a considerable purchase and investment for your home. That’s why we continually ensures we are offering you quality & luxury at affordable prices – we believe everyone deserves their dream bathroom.