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Interior Designer – Interior Decorator

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Job of an Interior Designer is to enhance the available space in terms of aesthetics and utility under direction of a professional Interior Decorator. Generally, people think that a designer require a big space to design something creative. However, the reality is that a true interior designer can easily provide good solution for all type of homes within set budget of a customer.

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7 Elements of Interior Design

Basically, interior designing fall under 7 broad elements such as : Space to be Design, Texture, Line, Pattern, Colour Scheme, Lightning and Form.

1. Space to be used

Space is like a canvas for a painter, the very first requirement of a designer is the space and to pen down the size of available space. Which includes floor, walls, windows, doors, coloumn, ceiling and some other type of support structure like beams.

2. Selection of Texture

To create an interest in aesthetics of any space, one should take care about the selection of textures which includes but limited to wallpaper, paint work, rugs, curtains, windows blinds, wooden flooring, cushions and fabrics etc. Such a balanced selection helps in maintaining the proper natural light brightness where dark &  Matt finish textures can be used. For a low natural light textures plays again an important role. For example in a dark room light colors, smooth and gloss are require to maintain the ambiance.

3. Line

One of the creative element in overall decor is the selection of lines. This is something which actually creates a shape and form of a space. Four segments are defined for lines i.e. vertical lines, horizontal lines, curved lines and diagonal lines. Generally, electronic items, bookcase, furniture, modular cabinets etc. falls under the category of horizontal lines. Fixtures like Doors, curtains, windows and columns are a part of vertical segment. Purpose of Vertical and horizontal lines is to provide taller look and broad look in a room. Role of diagonal lines are to add a drama touch in the room, whereas, curved lines maintain a balance among other three, by adding up a soft look.

4. Patterns

Pattern is just a process of repeating the same process every time to create a design in any type of decoration in home renovation such as wallpaper, paint job, ceiling design or fabrics etc. The only purpose of pattern is to complete and create a design to make the space alive.

5. Color Scheme

Color selection plays a vital role in overall project. Different colors offers different type of atmosphere and a main reason for a mood as per the color in room. A dull space can be converted into exciting place in property with the implementation of vibrant colors. And for calm mood neutral and smooth colors impact on the room. Generally, while selecting color one should look the size of the room. As a small room with light colors looks big. And a big room with dark colors looks small.

6. Use of Light

The one component, which everyone know about is make proper use of day and night light. Other than the natural day light, which certainly make an impact on overall look and feel an interior design, we have to use artificial lights either for night time or for a dark room. Such lights are such as accent light and the other one is task lights, which can be install in such a way to enhance the space aesthetically.

7. Form

Form is also an important point to take care for home renovation. This is to decide the shape of furniture, upholstery, objects and designing the shape of existing space. Just not to make a confusing room, one should not use too many forms in a single room.

Apart from these 7 elements, there are other 7 important principles for Home Renovation which a good interior decorator must implement to avoid cost impacting mistakes and get a superb look in your home.

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7 Principles of Interior Design

Some important principles which needs to be followed by an Interior Designers for Home Renovation project:

1. Unity

To connect different parts of spaces in a home designing –  unity, harmony and continuity should be balanced for a smart interior. While moving from one room to another, one should not feel like they entered altogether in a different  zone of the house. To come up with a precise and integrated appeal to a house, all rooms or space must be on a same pattern.

2. Details

Adding up a details personally in a room with the help of accessories like lamps, flower pots, pictures and other small small things to add up detailing in a room.

3. Contrast

Proper use of elements in contrast and form to create a long lasting appealing visual impact on user’s mind for a long term. One should not get bored of overall colour combination frequently.

4. Balance

To create a visual balance in entire design, one should place all the object accordingly.

5. Emphasis

As the name itself explaining, that designer should emphasis in creation of a focal point in a room. With the help of elements like colour, lines, pattern and form must be used in such a way to create an appealing area in a room.

6. Rhythm

Process of repeating the design and pattern in a space to create a rhythm. Way in which the design and patterns are properly transitionally repeated in design elements in entire area.

7. Scale & Proportion

A small cabinet or any element in a big room or vice versa tells the mismatch of scale among objects. Whereas proportion is something which defines one element size in comparison to another object in a same place.

By implementing the above explained principles and design elements, a designer can meet the expectation and requirement of a customer within their budget for home renovation.

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