Laminated Wooden Flooring

Evolution of Laminated Wooden Flooring

Laminate Wooden Flooring is one of the reasonably priced, simple care laminate floor option for homeowners. Now the question is from where this laminate flooring comes in and what the important applications for using this. We’ll explain the usages and details of Laminate wooden flooring and the reasons why this is so much popular from many years.

What is Laminated Wooden Flooring?

Laminated wooden flooring is a type of flooring system which is made up of multi layers. Detailed information of how laminate flooring is made up of is as follows.

A support layer forms the base of laminate bottom. This support layer is to get a resistance from moisture from the ground. Else the moisture will eventually cause panels to lose the shape.

Now the upper finish of laminate flooring is an image which is mounted on the support layer, which gives a unique look. Generally an image of a real wood, tile, stone, some metal or any other popular material mounted on base. Some of the design comes with texture which enhances their looks.

Finally, a protective layer mounts on this construction. This layer completely protects the laminate flooring from day to day wear n tear, scratches and fading. This particular layer also comes with an aluminium oxide layer to reduce damages.

Laminate wooden flooring panels consist of a groove which is called click and lock system , which eliminates the use of glue, fasteners, nails or any other type fixing material.  These panels are placed above a sub floor to float so these can contract and expand with a change of your room temperature levels.

Recent Upgrades in Laminate Wooden Flooring

As of now Laminate Flooring options have started to look alike almost the same as the material the finish imitate. It’s almost impossible to figure just to see the difference between a laminate flooring and hardwood flooring. No doubt the super quality of laminate are so much realistic, even expert can get confused to differentiate between laminated or hardwood flooring.

Design & Technology Upgrades

Design updates consist of realistic self design, grooves and bevel that actually take laminate floors to another level of design. Better embossing process add perfect balance of texture to the laminated flooring which makes these flooring panels more realistic even one can feel the wooden grain underfoot.

Technology adds up more layers of fibreboard, improvement of fibreboard core, which impact the life of laminate panels, moisture resistance power, better stability and the layer which take up the noise, even absorbs bit of flaws in the sub-floor. These advancements helped these layers of fibreboard to do a better job in terms of quality and stability.

Recent upgrades in laminate flooring have helped them to make more water-resistant from their predecessor. Improvement in locking system of laminate floorboards made the installation so easy, now a DIY can also work with them independently.

Laminate Wooden Flooring Nowdays

Laminate flooring is a most selected choice of customers, reason the maintenance is very low, much durable and better alternative to solid wood flooring. The click-lock system makes them real easy to install even by their own. In any case no nails or any type of glue is required to fix them. Just take the panel and place them with some block. Even installer doesn’t require any special training for installation of laminate flooring.

Taking Care of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a water-resistance material; however, this flooring doesn’t work well if there is standing water for a long time. Even for areas like kitchen, bathroom and other wet area one should choose a different type of flooring. If by any chance you spill some water on laminate wooden floor, you should wipe the water quickly to prevent any damage such as swell.

Well when you get this flooring, you can easily care as well. Just use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust and clean any spills to keep the laminate intact all the time.