Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

6 Most Popular Modular Kitchen Design

Planning to get a new Modular kitchen design in Gurgaon or Delhi? The first and most important parameter is how you use and plan the space in kitchen for a complete kitchen layout. Put all your kitchen working style and play around to install the cabinets and appliances suits as per your requirement.

Before finalising, some research must be done – like what type of design will be best suit as per the space in your kitchen. As small as the work triangle, work space will become more efficient, as your don’t need to be walk over the entire kitchen when you are cooking.

What type of layout fit and suits as per your kitchen space?

Some of the most common style of modular kitchen layouts are Parallel, Island, G-Shape, U-Shape, Single Wall, L-Shape – each type of these design have their own plus and minus points as per the utilities. As per the work triangle fits in these design type can help you decide which one to pick according to your need.

1 – L-Shape Modular Kitchen Design :- L Shape kitchen design is one of the most common design types of modular kitchen and very much ideal for small homes. Modular cabinets installed on two walls adjacent and perpendicular to each other. Enhanced use of minimum floor space which gives an opportunity to install a small dining table as well.

L Shape Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon


Some of the benefits of L Shape Modular Kitchen Design are as follows:

  • Magic Corner can be installed in a corner
  • Good design for a small to medium size kitchen area.
  • Multiple work zones can be created
  • Sitting area like dining area can be added into this design.

L Shape Modular Kitchen Design in Delhi


2 – Straight – Single Wall Modular Kitchen Design :- Like other layout of kitchen design, single wall design doesn’t make use of a work triangle, as the cabinets installed on single wall in a straight line on a single wall. This design is suitable for a studio apartment or a 1BHK small apartment. All the working zones come on single wall such as cooking area, washing area and refrigerator.

Single Wall Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon


Generally, this design can be workout with a 8feet to 10 feet of a single wall space, where a designer can easily create a space for all three zones. Arrangement can be done in many ways like sink-hob-fridge or fridge-sink-hob or hob-sink-fridge. Due to the small space the order of appliances or work zones doesn’t matter how one can fit in this design.

Single Wall Modular Kitchen in Delhi

3 – U-Shape Modular Kitchen Design :- If there is no space constraint in your kitchen and you love to spend much time in your kitchen for cooking, this is most probably the best design for you. This design comes with a most efficient working triangle and offer good storage space as well, with lots of base cabinets, wall cabinets and Tall units with a good size of working countertop. This is the design which suits to the big family homes.

U Shape Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon

In this design shape two people can work around easily without getting disturbed into their work area, because of the space available and plenty of space to move around in kitchen. Some of the benefits of U Shape Design Kitchen are as follows:

  • In this design we get two corner units where we can install magic corner or Lee Man Corner.
  • Ample space availability to install an appliances unit for Oven and Microwave.
  • Can easily create and maintain the kitchen into working triangle.
  • Much space where one can even place chair for a breakfast unit.

U Shape Modular Kitchen Design in Delhi


4 – Parallel Modular Kitchen Design :- Parallel or Gallery Kitchen Design is a way where cabinets are installed on two parallel wall. This type of design is simple to implement and very much restricted for a single user because of the compact size of aisle between base cabinets. This is also a provision for a small apartment size, where a parallel design helps a home owner to create space in other rooms.

An aisle width of 4 feet gives an ample space to open the shutters of base cabinet at a same time on both the walls. Also, to make sure there will be no chaos try avoiding placing cooking, sink and appliances in front of each other. Else placing any of the zone opposing each other will create a mess if two people want to work together on different zones. As there is no corner unit so tall unit and rolling shutters can be installed for more storage.

Parallel Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon


Advantage of having a parallel shape modular kitchen is as follows:

  • Arrangement of cabinets for storage can be done easily while keeping a proper space between both of the sides.
  • Good design type for organising space in small to medium size of home kitchen.
  • This design is purely for people who love to cook only and require no add-ons for entertainment.
  • Chef’s generally prefer a parallel design kitchen.

Parallel Shape Modular Kitchen Design in Delhi


5 – Island Modular Kitchen :- Well, this is the design where you will get alot of cabinet storage, functionality and smart design. Apart from only getting enhanced kitchen storage space, this design looks real different and becomes a focal point at your home. Sitting can be implemented in this design where kids can enjoy sitting for food and studies as well.

Island Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon

With additional storage you get more pullouts, leeman corners, tall unit and appliance unit with a fixed or movable Island Unit for cooking or as a preparation island cabinet. Additional sitting space or a breakfast counter can be of a great help when you are cooking and you have guest at your home when you want to chat with them while cooking.

Island Modular Kitchen Design in Delhi


6 – G-Shaped Modular Kitchen Design :- Like an Island Kitchen, G Shape Modular Kitchen is an advanced version of U-Shape Modular Kitchen. G Shape is basically an addition of fourth leg of cabinets to form a peninsular design. In this design more than one person can work around in kitchen and this is the most powerful design in terms of storage, utility and design in comparison with other design type.

G Shape Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon

Benefits of G Shape Modular Kitchen

  • For an extra space and utility for large families, this is the perfect design.
  • Better worktop space for preparation and for utensils.
  • Provide lots of space for all type of appliances.
  • Island can be easily incorporated in this design.

G Shape Modular Kitchen Design in Delhi

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