Furniture Design

Modular Kitchen Design

At Interior Wizards we don’t just manufacture modular kitchens. We help our customers to turn their thoughts and requirement into our implementation. Every design is specially customised for client as per the space. Our expert kitchen designers very much able to enhance the storage which meets your requirement. Being a manufacturer and direct OEM of we known brands, our prices are no doubt very competitive. Our designed kitchen will not only just fulfil the requirement at cooking area even this will certainly become a focal point of your home. This area will become properly organised and functional area where you are going to spent most of the time of a day.

Wardrobe Design

Designing a wardrobe appropriately generally involves making the absolute use of available shelf and empty storage space. Some people like to have much hanger space to hang their clothes over hang with some number of shelves next to that. Other people may have only shelf space where they can keep their clothes folded. Wardrobe design basically vary person to person this include hangers, shelf’s, tie holder, shirt holder, drawers, drawers with section to place watches and other small accessories. We pen down all the requirement of our customer and design a closet according to our customer need.

Bed Design

No doubt bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture you’ll ever purchase for your bedroom. This is the only thing which makes or breaks your sleep. Mattress also plays a vital role; however, a proper bed frame has problems that will certainly make your sleep into a trouble. The design of your bed must catch you to come sink into comfortable layers of designer bed. Our wide range of bed design offers you variety of option in terms of size, design & material. From the range of platform double bed design to the functionality and massive storage of Bunk Beds.
Interior Wizards offers better design / storage in headboard or foot-boards. Offering many type of headboard and footboard with a range such as wooden bed, quilted beds, lacquered, veneer polish beds, laminated beds, PU paint, deco paint and much more as per the customer. We have an in-house team of furniture designer and they will help you understand the positive points of each type of bed design.


Modular Kitchen Design



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