Walk-In Wardrobe Design in Dwarka - Gurgaon - Delhi

Different Types of Wardrobe Design and Structure

Cupboard or a Free Standing Wardrobe Design

free standing cupboard wardrobe design in gurgaon dwarka

This is simple solution and traditional way to get your clothes under control. Such type of free standing wardrobes can be found easily in every home, as they are easy to reinstall and move whenever required to relocate. The one and only negative point of free standing cupboards / wardrobe is that it consumes the space in your room.


Wall Mounted or Fitted Wardrobes / Built-In-Wardrobes

fitted wall mounted wardrobe design in gurgaon dwarka

Now a days, consumer and builders are saying bye bye to traditional style of wardrobes and getting more of fitted wardrobes which installed in a niche. Most important factor behind this type of wardrobe design is an organised space which specifically created in a room to installed fitted wardrobe. In comparison to traditional free standing wardrobe design, this design consumes less space and offers a better and good looks to your room. These built-in-wardrobes can be easily customized to any width or height according to customer requirement.


Sliding Door – Slider Wardrobes

Slider Wardrobe Design in Gurgaon Dwarka

This is also a traditional design, however, slider wardrobes help saves a lot of space as the Shutters doesn’t require additional space to open the doors of any kind. Generally, slider wardrobes provide better and more storage space as they are made from floor to ceiling, which helps a user to store seasonal material like blankets, small briefcase, boxes and more. Slider fitting comes in various type like Soft Close and Non Soft Close Slider system.


Walk-In Wardrobes Design

walk-in-wardrobe design in gurgaon dwarka

We at Interior Wizards offers Wardrobe Design in Gurgaon and Wardrobe Design in Dwarka with all type of fitting, accessories and shutter finish such Acrylic Wardrobe Shutters, Laminate Wardrobe Shutters, Lacquered Glass Wardrobe Design and other type of material as per customer requirement. Contact us for more information and our designers will visit your place to understand your requirement and offer the best possible solution according to the space and budget.